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"Rasner logistics  Software" is Toolsgroup's partner and a VAR in Israel.

We are implementing and supporting  SO99+ and DCH systems and helping our customers achieve fast and significant savings in stock values.

We are proud to be a part of our customers success, after escorting them to plan better service levels with lower costs.

Here in "Rasner logistics  Software" you will find professional team  dedicated  to accelerating your business performance.

Toolsgoup's powerfully simple solutions are helping  our customers to progress to higher level of automation in their planning process.

Using SO99+ you will be able to calculate reliable statistical forecast and optimize stock levels according to required service levels.

By using DCH you will be able to better manage the company's  S&OP process .

Among our happy customers in Israel are Teva, Netafim, Shamir Optics, Orbotech, Lubinski, HP.

The Solutions:

SO99+ (Service Optimizer 99+)

SO99+ uses advanced algorithms to calculate forecast and optimize stock mix in the supply chain network.

SO99+ promises better service level and maximum savings in stock value.

SO99+ is highly automated and dynamically calculates optimal stock levels and perches orders which can be integrated to the customers' ERP system.

SO99+ is successfully implemented in 31 countries in more than 250 companies including manufacturers, wholesale distributors and retailers in a wide range of demand and inventory-driven industries.

SO99+ integrates with variety of ERP systems like SAP, Oracle, Microsoft Dynamics, Priority.


DCH (Demand Collaberation Hub)

DCH is a web-based consensus forecasting platform that complements demand forecasting by bringing together demand and forecast data from multiple stakeholders.

DCH supports both internal sources (such as marketing and sales) and external sources (such as partners, retailers, distributors or suppliers). After SO99+ Demand Forecasting provides the baseline forecast, DCH users add their market knowledge by making changes to this forecast. Users can be salespeople, partners, customers, or any other stakeholder, enabling even casual users to add market intelligence.

The net result is a single consensus forecast among participants, minimizing inter-departmental differences, which can then be fed back to operations for execution and can also be used to facilitate an S&OP (Sales and Operations Planning) process.

For more information in English visit Toolsgroup website  www.toolsgroup.com


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