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Roadnet Transportation Suite

Roadnet Transportation Suite (RTS) application package allows the organization to share planning data among logistic units via common platform with a uniform user interface and shared database. The software uses market-leading advance algorithms to optimize the organization supply chain.
RTS is widely used by organizations in the following fields of industry: Food and Beverage, Distribution companies, Pharmacy, Logistics, Consumer products and more.


Using Roadnet Transportation Suite provides the organization:

  • Integrative application – information sharing between the modules and multiple users support

  • Consistent information flow between Planning, Routing, Loading and Execution with convenient working procedure and high efficiency

  • Increase existing resources utilization – distribute more and drive less

  • Strategic planning and enhancing the tactic activity – control the routing by reducing overlapping and creating profitable zones and distribution routes

Correct planning leads to a profitable distribution

  • Controlling the business activity by a good planning – achieving better overall results while saving time, money and resources

The system can be fully integrated with the Organizations' ERP and WMS systems.
RTS software package includes the following modules

  • Roadnet – Tactical daily dynamic distribution routes planning

  • Territory Planner – Strategic planning of Sales Representatives territories and static routes planning for activity cycle period

  • Fleet Loader – Optimal truck loading planning (special expertise in the beverage industry)

  • Mobile Cast –  optimization in real-time with  advanced wireless technologies

  • Roadnet Info Center – Customer service focused module which provides reach and necessary information in real-time