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Rasner Logistic Software, is a private company that was established in 1991. Our company assists companies to accelerate their business performance through consultation by using a collection of software tools that will improve your supply chain management, using our products.

During the last 14 years, we have chosen to represent what we see as the three leading, revolutionary, powerful yet simple and friendly tools in management of your supply chain:

Roadnet Taransportation Suite: Planning and controlling the distribution world.

SO99+: Inventory and Demand Optimization management software.

Transvision Fleet Planner: Planning and controlling the transportation alignment.

Since our company was established, we have gained the trust of over 50 of the leading organizations in Israel and about 30 more in central Europe.

Our company has 10 sub-vars over central Europe countries, which market, implement and support our software solutions.

The important resource we have is our engineer team.
All are special people that support embedding and accompany our customers to achieve maximum
results for those who chose to acquire the software solutions we market.

We will work and accompany you towards the best solution for your needs.