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World's leading tool for routing and optimizing distribution routes, enabling control, cost reduction and optimal resource utilization



Supply Chain Optimization, Demand and Forecast planning, Optimized Service Levels, automatic and dynamic Replenishment



A dynamic solution for Transportation planning and optimization with an agile interface and real-time control in a constantly changing environment

Rasner Logistic Software

Rasner Logistic Software is a company which is specialized in marketing, implementing and supporting software systems which allow reducing costs and raising customer service levels across the organization supply chain. We provide technological solutions for challenges which arise during modern supply chain management. Those solutions are developed by world leading providers in their field of expertise:

Roadnet – Planning and Optimization system for Distribution, Logistics management, Transportation and Delivery organizations. Developed by Roadnet Technologies, USA

SO99+ - A user friendly with fast ROI solution for service and inventory optimization. Developed by Toolsgroup, Service Optimizer, SO99+, creates for each SKU in each storage location a stock-to-service relationship curve which allows you to optimize between customer service and stock value. SO99+ improves short term forecasting accuracy, calculate safety stocks and reorder points, increasing service level and reducing inventory.

AMCS Transport Optimisation – Advanced solution to the dynamic world of transportation. The system easily and efficiently combines planning, routing, controlling and monitoring of constantly arriving orders. Each decision is instantly supported by real-time data and the act of planning turns into an interactive dialogue between the operator and the system.

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